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Cardiac FAQ's

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It is sudden cessation of Blood Supply to hreart due to occlusion of coronary artery by blood clots or thrombosis.
It causes heart muscle damage & there is a risk of sudden cardiac death.

It is the recording of electrical activity of heart & helps in diagnosing heart attack & caradiac arrhythmias.

TMT helps in dignosing compromised blood supply to heart during exercise, it is done for the patient who has external cardiac symptoms or cardiac risk factors.

2D echo is an ultrasound study of heart. It gives valuable information about structure & function of heart. It gives an idea about about the pumping function of heart(EF), leak of valve,pericardial effusion, etc.

Low fat diet includes diet with not more than 30% of total calories as fat(< 7% from saturated fat), which is 60 gram of fat per day in a 1800 calorie diet.A low fat diet decreases diseases like heart disease & obesity.

It is a diagnostic procedure done to know the blockage in the coronary arteries. It is done in cathlab by injecting radio opaque dye in coronary tree and taking X-ray pictures using C-arm machine.

It is a therapeutic procedure done in cathlab to remove critical blockage in coronary artery by imlanting stent at the site of stenosis.

(A) Modifiable risk factors - smoking, physical inactivity, obesity,dyslipidemia, HTN, diabetes, fat rich diet.
(B) Non-Modifiable risk factors - age ,family history of IHD.

A persistent rise in resting blood pressure greater than 140/90 mmHg.First line of treamtment for hypertension if life style changes. It includes reduce Sodium intake (< 5 gm of sodium chloride or < 2 gm of sodium per day), maintain normal body weight (BMI - 20 to 25 kg/m2), 30 mins brisk walking daily and conume a deit rich in fruits and vegetales

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